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June 11th, 2020

This is a pre-second-ladder patch designed for testing some of the bigger changes going in on July 1st. It is dramatically subject to changes, and some features will be turned on or off with little warning.


  • The Adventurer's League Forge no longer restricts items to the 'forged' flag. Existing 'forged' items remain unchanged. If you use a drain shard, they'll lose their forged flag.

This means you crafting with shards has been opened up on forged items.

However, the plan is currently to not have a forge at all for Ladder 2. There's just no feasible way to have a forge that won't either alter the fresh economy or make people grind all over again.


  • When we implemented scepters, every relic of Qor in existence also became one. That has been fixed.

If you made a sweet scepter based on a relic of Qor, sorry, it's back to being a relic. It was better to rip this band-aid off now.


  • The experience available at night in the Ko'catan Jungle has been cut to a reasonable level.


  • These two spells have been fixed and re-enabled. This includes the Evil Twin proc on weapons.

Avar shamans can cast Evil Twin again. They retain 'monstrous earthquake', which is an earthquake variant that does not hit other monsters.


  • Water Breathing can now be made into a potion.
  • Ants, slimes, and centipedes now have a chance to drop potions of water breathing.


  • Your minions won't randomly acquire champion status upon logging off and on anymore.
  • Player minions no longer leave corpses on death.
  • Preserve Specimen has been converted into a skill rather than a spell, and automatically triggers on minion death.

You no longer need to cast Preserve Specimen on minion corpses. They're automatically saved if you have the skill, with some loyalty loss based on skill and Intellect.

Summoned minions cannot be preserved.

STATS BUFF - AGILITY & AIM We're going to try something to help Agility and Aim matter again. This should give characters of differing stats a solid feel rather than having it all get mixed in with the game's long list of offense and defense bonuses. It should also incentivize players to think about taking some Agility and Aim rather than just setting them to 1.

  • Agility no longer gives defense. Instead, it gives direct chance to evade.

Each 1 Agility gives +0.4% chance to evade.

  • Aim no longer gives offense. Instead, it gives direct chance to hit.

Each 1 Aim gives +0.4% chance to hit.

  • If you go to Rook and say 'evaluate', you can turn on a mode where you get messages about your actual chance to hit in combat.

Say 'evaluate' again to turn this off. This information is also in his bio. Use this mode to see what your actual chance to hit is while you fight, and notice how much monsters vary in ability.

Agility and Aim are matched against one another. If you have 50 Aim, you have effectively +20% chance to hit your opponent. At 100 Aim, the bonus is +40%. That number is reduced by their Agility. If your Aim matches their Agility, then offense and defense are the only values that matter.

When defending, if you have 50 Agility, you have effectively +20% chance to evade attacks. At 100 Agility, the bonus is +40%. That number is reduced by enemy Aim the same way as above.

To clarify how this works, if you have a 62% chance to hit your opponent based on your offense vs their defense, and you have 50 Aim while they have 0 Agility, your chance to hit will become 82%. If you have a 62% chance to hit your opponent, and you have 50 Aim while they have 50 Agility, there is no change. If you have a 62% chance to hit your opponent, and you have 50 Aim while they have 70 Agility, your chance to hit drops to 54%.

If you evade because of Agility and not because of defense, you will see the message: "You evade Gar's attack!" Otherwise, it'll be the standard miss, block, dodge, or parry message. This should help you see how effective your Agility is. Remember, you'll see less evade messages based on your opponent's Aim.

Monsters have Aim and Agility as well, in random distributions based on monster level. If a monster evades because of its Agility bonus, you will see 'The monster evades your attack!' so that you can determine that this particular mob is highly agile.

The ratios for Agility and Aim's effect are test ratios that we consider very high, making these stats extremely strong. We'll keep an eye on this. But for now, we'll see how it goes.


  • Due to Agility & Aim adopting the previous effect of these skills, Tumbling & Weapon mastery have been changed.
  • Tumbling now gives a chance to evade attack spells. 5% from skill + up to 5% from Agility maxes out at 10% chance to evade spell damage. Every point of Agility counts.

This includes splashes, bolts, novas, and earthquake. It does not work if held or resting. The Banditry crest still doubles this Tumbling ability. This should bring Tumbling in line for a level 3 skill while still making it unique. This is the only way to avoid spells in the game.

  • Weapon mastery now has quite a different function. It is now based on Stamina.

Career knights endure campaigns against enemies of many cultures. Experience teaches grizzled veterans that true mastery of weapons comes from a choice of style that juxtaposes that of the enemy.

If a weapon master has chosen the correct style against his opponent, he can mitigate the effects of their natural agility and aim by up to half.

Generally, scimitars have the advantage against fencing weapons. Fencing weapons have the advantage against axes. Axes have the advantage against daggers. Daggers have the advantage against hammers. Hammers have the advantage against scimitars.

What does this mean specifically? It means that if you are attacking a weapon master with, for example, a long sword while he has a scimitar, your Aim counts for half of what it would otherwise. If a weapon master is attacking you with a dagger while you have a hammer, for another example, your Agility counts for half of what it would otherwise. Unarmed and touch spells do not count for either of these effects.

This also works against monsters that are wielding weapons.


  • Attempting to pick up items that are too far away will no longer play a 'failure' sound.

This is because players with autoloot on would always hear that sound when fighting at range. It's not really a 'failure' per se, and it's something most players are probably aware of (that they're too far away to grab an item).


  • Heavy Arms had its mastery altered.

Instead of a flat 20% received damage reduction, it now gives 0.1% reduced damage taken per 1 Agility. Thus, at 100 Agility, you would receive 10% reduced damage taken while in the Heavy Arms stance.


  • The spell Bait no longer works on 'intelligent' creature type monsters, as originally intended according to comments in the code.

Marauders, avar shamans, faction troops, etc. won't respond to Bait.

  • Minions won't respond to Bait, either.


  • Purge now reports how much Humbling you actually applied (including the effect of resistances, Empowerment, and Inert Form).
  • Purge's humbling effect now takes resistances into account.

Your magic resistance and holy resistance will lower the humble applied to you. This gives Purge a curve progression: initial casts may only apply a little humbling, but each successive cast will apply more, because the previous casts lowered resists.

  • Purge can now be cast on players even if they don't have Personal Enchantments.

This is to zip up the awkward case where you might want to Humble your opponent's resistances, but they don't have any buffs, so you can't even cast the spell.

  • Purge will now correctly report the full removal of reserved enchantments.


  • Rending mods have now been added to the mod pool. These allow a weapon to cut through enemy resistances when you hit them.

You can currently roll thrust, slash, pierce, and bludgeon rending on weapons. If you roll a 24% thrust rending mystic, that mystic will damage the enemy as if they had 24% reduced thrust resistance (min 0). For example, a Skeleton has 20% thrust resistance. That 24% thrust rending mystic would damage a Skeleton as if it had 0% thrust resistance. For another example, an Automaton that has 40% thrust resistance would be damaged by a 24% thrust rending mystic as if they had 16% thrust resistance.

Rending is ineffective against monsters with no resistance to the element you're rending. Rending is extremely effective against monsters with very high resistance to the element you're rending.

For example, taking someone from 75% resistance down to 50% resistance literally doubles your damage. Or, rending can allow you to damage otherwise immune monsters (100% reduced to less than 100% = now you can damage them).

Rends do not combine with hexes. The greater of the rend or the hex effect is used.

Rare and valuable rend types, such as fire rending, do exist - but they can only be found in loot chests, or as part of touch spells.

If you have a sorcery crest, rends will be applied, and then your sorcery crest will cut through further resistances.

Short swords now spawn with a base 1% to 10% thrust resistance rending. Riija swords are now created with base 11% illusion resistance rending. Shard mods can add on top of these values if they match the type, but if you roll a different type of resistance rending, only the mod will be used.

Monsters can rend, too, and some monsters can have the incredibly powerful types Weapon Rending or Magic Rending, which cuts through your primary defense! Luckily, monsters and players are only capable of rending one type at a time. You will never encounter a monster that rends multiple types at the same time. However, some monsters can shift their rending type... beware!


  • Touch spells got a dash of resistance rending of their own, based on skill.

These count as your wielded weapon if you don't have an actual weapon equipped but do have a touch spell up. You can hold a jewel of Froz and the touch spell will still be considered your weapon.

Scaling from zero to full bonus, at 99% you get: Icy Fingers: 25% cold rending Zap: 20% shock rending Acid Touch: 15% acid rending Illusionary Grasp: 15% illusion rending Touch of Flame: 10% fire rending Holy Touch: 10% holy rending Seismic Fist: 10% quake rending Unholy Touch: 10% unholy rending

This should help touch spells remain relevant as equipment continues to diversify. These rending abilities do not transfer with charged clutch, since that requires a melee weapon. They do, however, aid other sources of damage. For example, if you have icy fingers up (and are not wielding a weapon), explosive frost will benefit from 25% cold rending.


  • Slayer mods have now been added to the mod pool. These increase damage dealt to certain creature types.

Increased damage to zombies covers all fleshy undead, such as zombies, mummies, and thrashers. For example, increased damage to insects covers baby spiders, centipedes, giant spiders, ants, mutant ants, water crawlers, black spiders, and the queen spider. This kind of damage applies no matter the type of attack or spell. You can wield a skeleton slayer hammer and deal more damage to skeletons with blast of fire. Slayer damage boosts are additive with empowerments. +12% shock damage and +9% damage to skeletons = +21% damage to skeletons with shock.

  • Some buffs give slayer mods.

Singular Focus adds up to 10% increased damage to enigmatic creatures. The buffs given by desert storms and elemental chunks now add up to 25% increased damage to their opposite - for example, fire chunk gives fire resist and cold slayer.

  • Items can roll relevant slayer mods. Examples:

Hammers can roll skeleton slayer. Maces can roll zombie slayer. Spirit Hammers can roll unholy slayer. Scimitars can roll orc slayer. Nerudite swords can roll elemental slayer and troll slayer.

  • Some items have natural slayer damage.

Scepters, the new item type, have +10% damage to magical creatures as a base attribute. Magic bows have +10% damage to magical creatures, and can roll damage to magical creatures as a shard mod.

  • Some items and buffs GIVE slayer damage now. For example, elemental chunks will give slayer temporarily.

Drop an ice chunk and get fire slayer and fire resist both!


  • Duke soldier shield no longer grants its extremely powerful +15 to all spellpower.

That number was designed in an ancient time, and has been restricting design space for quite awhile.

Duke shield now offers up to 11 hex resistance. As a reminder, Jonas shield offers 5 weapon resistance, and Cess shield offers 5 magic resistance.


  • Humans now have 66 base hex resistance, thanks to their superstitions and traditions.

Demons now have 33 base hex resistance, thanks to nepotism. Drow now have -33 base hex resistance, due to their crippled souls. Automatons now have -66 base hex resistance, due to their complete lack of a living form.

Their explanatory tomes in each reincarnation room have been updated to reflect this.


  • Light Feet no longer maintains Hide while running. Just Sneak.
  • You won't lose Sneak or Hide when you rest, even without Light Feet. You can also equip different items.
  • You will see yourself as grey when you are hidden.
  • Hide has been significantly upgraded and altered.

Now, when you Hide, you will be removed from the area entirely. This way, Ogre users won't know you're there due to their object list. You will also not show up on Guild window Invite lists. You will be truly and completely unseen. However, if you enter the line of sight of an enemy player, you will be revealed and lose your Hide entirely. The revealing line of sight is roughly equivalent to the classic client's FOV. Roughly.

To reveal you: 1: The enemy must be facing you. + 2: The enemy must have a clear line of sight to you - buildings and walls block this. + 3: The enemy is not also hiding. Other hiders won't reveal you, because in doing so they'd give themselves away!

In other words, you can sneak up behind someone, or somewhat to the side, and you won't be revealed. You can also sneak past their line of sight as long as something like a building is in the way. Non-combatants and allies will never reveal you, so mules and the like won't interfere with hiding, and your own guildmates won't either. Other hiders, even enemy hiders, will sneak past you and neither of you will know the other was there. If you see yourself as grey, nobody can see you by any means. You are either completely hidden from everyone (grey) or completely revealed (normal colors).

!! NOTE !!, enemy Vrikshasana users who are resting and haven't been hit recently (AKA Vrikshasana is active) can reveal you on a line of sight basis in any direction. If this happens, you'll receive a special message telling you that person used Vrikshasana to detect you. Consider Vrikshasana a kind of radar that is still blocked by buildings and walls. You can't sneak up behind meditating monks!

Final note: you can't hide while in the sight lines of an enemy player. It simply won't trigger.

  • How does new Hide interact with Spy?

Spying has not changed. While you're Spying, you cannot be revealed except by area attacks / concentration disruptions. So, you have a short time when you enter a room to get out of the line of sight of the enemy, at which point your Hide, which you already have active, will take over without interruption.

So you can Spy past enemies at an entrance, quickly get behind something, and remain Hidden.

Thematically, your character is peering into the next room and climbing over a wall or sneaking in some slightly different route. Of course, we can't really graphically animate that, but use your imagination :)

  • How does this interact with Voidstep Tabi?

Your character will naturally Hide when out of combat if you are not in any enemy player sight lines. However, you must now be walking or standing still (this is mainly to avoid the spam of constantly gaining/losing Hide).

  • How does this interact with Invisibility?

If you are invisible and your enemy does not have Detect Invis or Vrikshasana, he will not receive the usual bold text message that you've been revealed. The message YOU see will be different to point this out. You will still lose hide, but you will also be invisible, so there's still a chance the enemy driver doesn't notice you. You will be on Ogre's object lists and the Guild Invite list, but hey, who knows? They may be distracted and fail to see you the normal way. Pepper in an Anonymity enchantment and your enemies may not notice a brief blank spot on their list before you sneak past and go back to hidden...